C4W1_Assignment -Differencing-

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I am stuck on Differencing step for the C4W1_Assignment Working with time series trueing to define **diff_series ** and diff_time functions, some help?
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The first step was to define the seasonality; in this specific case, we can see that the seasonality period is 365 days, that’s why you specified well the diff_series:

diff_series = (SERIES[365:] - SERIES[:-365])

The problem was with the diff_time; notice that TIME represents the values in the x-coordinate while SERIES represents the values in the y-coordinate. That is why instead of using diff_series, you use TIME. And they will have the same shapes.

diff_time = TIME[365:]

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Hello @adonaivera thnks a lot !!!
thaks {for the retro about the x and y coordinates :slight_smile:

It works !!!

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