C4W1 issue with TF serving with docker

I am facing the following issue in week 1 lab 2 TFS_docker. I am running the following command.

docker run --rm -p 8501:8501
–mount type=bind,
-e MODEL_NAME=half_plus_two -t tensorflow/serving &

The error message is given below.

I am using Macbook air. I tried everything that I found on google. But could not solve it.

Hello @Waliur_Rahman
Your error might be related to the binary compatibility of TensorFlow Serving with your Mac’s CPU architecture, please try the solutions listed in this thread: Apple M1 support · Issue #1816 · tensorflow/serving · GitHub

You can also check here: conda - What is the proper way to install TensorFlow on Apple M1 in 2022 - Stack Overflow

Thank you!

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Thanks you, @Isaak_Kamau.

For people coming to this thread later, this reply from the link that @Isaak_Kamau provided

works for me perfectly.