C4W1 Lab2: Can't clone the Repo

I’m unable to clone the repo with linux. I get the error message:

“fatal: unable to access ‘http://github.com/tensorflow/serving/’ : Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection timed out”

Can anyone help me please


Hi! Welcome to Discourse! Are you able to clone any other github repo (even those not related to this course)? If not, then this might be a problem with your network setup. You might be behind a proxy server. One workaround here is to just manually download the repo from http://github.com/tensorflow/serving/

Pick the Download ZIP option and extract it to your working directory. Remember to rename the folder from serving-master to serving so the next commands in the exercises will work. Hope this helps!

Hi Chris, thanks for your help. It’s only with this repo…and only with my linux version of git ( I cloned the repo with the windows version with no problems).

I downloaded manually the repo and woks fine

Thanks again!!!


Oh that is strange. But glad you got around it!