C4W1 - The method of mbr_decode has too many parameters

def mbr_decode(sentence, n_samples, score_fn, similarity_fn, NMTAttn=None, temperature=0.6, vocab_file=None, vocab_dir=None, generate_samples=generate_samples, sampling_decode=sampling_decode, next_symbol=next_symbol, tokenize=tokenize, detokenize=detokenize):

The bolded ones are not supposed to be there?

I remember seeing another function having similar problem, which I thought might be myself accidentally copied them over, so I deleted manually. Remember it was generate_samples, but I’m not entirely sure

HI @sylviasc.
You don’t have to modify or use those parameters in the assignment. Those parameters are used mainly to pass some default values (functions) that are needed inside the function you are working on. This helps in avoid using global variables inside functions which is needed for the grader purpose.

Hope it helps.