C4W2 assignment 1

I am getting this error in Exercise 3
Test failed
Expected value

[‘Add’, (None, 15, 15, 256), 0]

does not match the input value:

[‘TFOpLambda’, (None, 15, 15, 256), 0]

You probably implemented the “add” operation to add the skip layer input in the identity_block by using “+” instead of using an “Add()” layer. They gave you the code in the instructions. Your method generates correct results, but the layer looks different, as we see in the error message.

Hi @Fayaz_Saheer,

@paulinpaloalto is spot on!

Your Ex 3 is correct. The issue lies in your Ex 1, in the final step.

When asked to “add” shortcut, don’t use the arithmetic operation +, instead use the TF API Add, as instructed. (Like it has been used in Ex 2)


Thank you very much!!