C4W2 - Assignment hang

The notebook couldn’t move forward from this cell onwards. Please help?

I have restart and run all a couple of times, and every time it hangs here.

Hello @sylviasc ,

Usually this cell takes a bit time based on your network connectivity. Give it some time (upto 30 minutes) and it will load eventually.


Ok, thanks. I waited for probably like 5 -10 mins… I don’t think my internet is slow, but will try it another time.

Just to provide an update on this - I attempted a couple of times and it finally went through the second time. It took more than 2 hours, maybe 3 (not sure about exact time as I couldn’t stare at it). I was asked to extend the lab session during the run. I have pretty good network at home, so can’t blame on internet. FYI, for whoever wants to get your assignment pass.