C4W2: Distributed Load Testing with Kubernetes

On lab C4W2: Distributed Load Testing with Kubernetes task 6 I am getting this error,

I made changes on the files master-controller and worker-controller as per instruction. Still getting this error.
Any input will be appreciated.

The 1st sed command in your screenshot is incorrect. The yaml file contains the actual string [TARGET_HOST] which we want to replace with the TARGET environment variable value defined earlier.
Your screenshot shows an https link as the 1st argument which is incorrect.

sed is a stream editor which can perform find and replace operations we do using a text editor.


$ sed -i -e "s/FINDME/REPLACEMENMT/g" somefile
  1. -i is responsible for making the changes inplace so the target file somefile will be updated with changes
  2. -e tells that sed is to process the expression that follows
  3. s: substitution action is to be performed by replacing instances of FINDME with REPLACEMENMT on the file globally (indicated by g)

If you have trouble using sed, open the file and make changes directly.

As far as the invalid file reference is concerned, be sure to navigate inside distributed-load-testing-using-kubernetes before using the sed commands.

I made the changes on yaml files also… later on, tried the screenshot’s commands. I didn’t know that doing either way is enough. Where can I find the target environment variable exactly? I didn’t understand this part.

See the 1st code cell under the section Task 1. Set project and zone