C4W2 Graded external tool is not working

When I click “open tool” it displays tool currently unavailable. Can you check?

Hi Akie! Welcome to Discourse! As mentioned in the note in the classroom: The lab is currently down for maintenance and will be back online before April 14. Please proceed first with Week 3 and Week 4 before going back to this lab. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hello again! The lab should now be back online. Kindly check if you can launch it from your classroom. Thank you!

Thank you! Verified it works now.

@chris.favila It is down again it seems. I’ve getting the same error for last three days.

Hi Sleeba! Welcome to the community! Thank you for reporting and yes we have already informed our partners about the problem with the lab. Please monitor this other thread. Will give an update there once I have more info. Thank you!