C4W2 - GRADED LAB ISSUE: gcp auth plugin is deprecated - ConfigMap unchanged

Hello again! I just tried the lab and was able to complete it successfully. Please don’t mind the warning message about using gcloud. That looks related to another aspect in the backend that does not impact this lab.

From the posted screenshot, it seems the configmap.yaml wasn’t updated as mentioned in the instructions. Please use the Cloud Editor to navigate to that file. The button to switch to the Editor is at the top right of the Cloud Shell.

It should look something like this after editing:

Then you will go back to Cloud Shell and apply the changes as mentioned in the instructions. From there, it should now run as expected.

Just a few gotchas as you go through the rest of the notebook:

  • Please be mindful of code that does not need to be run. The instructions show some parts of the YAML files just to highlight what it is for. If you paste it in your terminal, you will get an error because those are not meant to be run there.

  • The last checkpoint will not turn green unless the cluster creates 3 replicas. With that, you need to wait till locust simulates more users so a single pod gets overloaded and the node creates more pods. That is the main demo in this lab. It shows how you can avoid application failures by implementing autoscaling.

Hope these help!

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