C4W2 - GRADED LAB ISSUE: Unable to create ConfigMap


After updating the configmap.yaml and executing the command “kubectl apply -f tf-serving/configmap.yaml” i receive the following error message - see screenshot:

Pls. advise,
Kind regards, Jörn

Hi Jorn! A usual error here is a “cd” command from the instructions may not have been executed. Please double check it from the commands that you paste. Before executing the kubectl command, you can first type “ls” to see if you’re in the parent directory of the tfserving folder. If you can’t see tfserving, then it’s likely that you missed a cd <some path> command that will bring you to the parent of tfserving. Hope this helps!

Hello, check tf_serving does not exist. That’s because in the github repo, it is renamed to tf_serving-gke-autoscaling. Thus, when you download the github repository, make sure that you download the correct folder.

I have sent a comment to Qwilklab and it seems they fixed it. In the current lab document, they updated the lab to the correct repository name