C4W2 graded lab "Sorry, your quota has been exceeded for this lab"

Have been attempting since yesterday to start the graded lab ‘Autoscaling TensorFlow Model Deployments with TF Serving and Kubernetes’ via qwiklabs, via the Graded External Tool link at the end of Batch Processing with ETL section in week 2 of course 4.

However, after clicking Start Lab and doing the captcha, I go no further and get “Sorry, your quota has been exceeded for this lab” message at the bottom of the screen.

I have run and timed out this lab several times (due to distractions like taking notes, researching stuff on the web, etc). There was no indication that there is some limit on how many times we can start this lab and not complete it before being blocked like this).

I have already tried logging out and back in (and making sure I’m not logged in with my own gmail account), clearing browser cache, even restarting the computer in a vein attempting at resetting something, but to no avail.

Please unblock my access to this necessary graded lab in qwiklabs asap.

Hi Shahin! For that, you can ask for an extension through the Qwiklabs support channels. You can access it at the upper right of the Qwiklabs page:

The Chat support is usually responsive so you can start with that. Will place a note re: the lab quota so other learners are aware. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks, yes it is certainly “responsive” but the responses appear to be very restricted making it difficult to have an efficient and clear communication (clearly it is a chatbot or human-assisted chatbot whereby the human is restricted to select from a choice of pre-written responses only).
I have repeatedly asked the Qwiklabs Help chat why their Help Center | Quota has been exceeded tab states: “Note: Quotas do not apply to labs that are part of an instructor-led course, and are taken during that course.” while at the same time I am being told by them that my quota is being reset to 5 as an exception.
I’ve given up and sent an email to them instead.

Edit: Their email response was no better :P.
“… Give us more information, URLs, screenshots…”.
It’s really quite bizarre.

Hi Shahin! Sorry to hear that. I’ll forward this and hope we can get clarification from our partners. On the flip side, I’m inclined to think that they might revise the text in that tab you saw. It seems extra generous of them to allow us to use their cloud resources uncapped. It might not be sustainable. But let’s see. I hope I’m wrong. Thank you for pointing this out!

It’s probably not unreasonable to have some form of cap, as long as it’s clearly stated so we know in advance and are aware of the consequences in terms of completing the Coursera course.

(The only thing I found exasperating was Qwiklabs’ customer support chat/email system - seemingly impossible to get a direct response to a very simple direct question - I was distracted by this for a whole hour.)

Experiencing the same issue.
Were you able to resolve it? If yes. How?

Hi Okewunmi! Welcome to the community! If you’re referring to the Qwiklabs quota, you can ask for an extension through the Qwiklabs support channels. You can access it at the upper right of the Qwiklabs page:

From there, you can chat with a Qwiklabs support agent so they can extend your quota. If not, please report here and let me know what the agent says. Thank you!