C4W2-Lab_2 Issue:

Hello, when I run the command minikube dashboard the following error is shown:

Some solutions suggested to make sure that the client and server versions of kubectl are same. I have also verified this but the problem still persists.

Hi Hamza! Welcome to Discourse! Can you try running this command: minikube dashboard --url then copy paste the URL to your browser? Do you see the same error?

Would also like to ask if you’re using VirtualBox as the vm-driver as mentioned in the instructions. And what OS are you using?

Lastly, can you look at the output of minikube addons list. If you see dashboard marked as disabled. Can you do a minikube addons enable dashboard and see if it can now be accessed with the minikube dashboard --url command?

Hi Chris. Sorry for the late response.
I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and I am using VirtualBox as the vm-driver. Yes, I still see the same error with minikube dashboard --url. The dashboard is already enabled.
Actually the dashboard pops up for less than a second and then immediately shows the error.

Hi Hamza! According to this issue (minikube-related issues are merged towards the bottom of the thread), this error should be fixed in a patch very soon. I wasn’t able to replicate this when I did the lab in an Ubuntu machine several weeks ago so I’m most likely using minikube 1.22 . If you want, you can try that version with the binaries here (just install 1.23 first to avoid potential conflicts) or if you have time, you can wait for 1.23.1 which should also address this issue. Hope this helps!

In addition, you can also look at the resources without the dashboard by doing the kubectl commands:

kubectl get hpa tf-serving-hpa- to see the resources used

kubectl get deploy tf-serving-deployment - to see how many pods are currently running

and from the cheatsheet:

kubectl top pod POD_NAME --containers               # Show metrics for a given pod and its containers
kubectl top pod POD_NAME --sort-by=cpu              # Show metrics for a given pod and sort it by 'cpu' or 'memory'

The dashboard just makes these more hands free since everything is in one place.

Thanks Chris. Downgrading to v1.22 worked.

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Awesome! Glad it worked! I also checked the Minikube Releases page and the patch for v1.23 has also been released recently. So the latest version should also work now.

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