C4W2-Lab_2 Windows curl issue

Hello, @Krothagon
The main your “mess up” you choose Win over Linux:) I’ve made the same mistake.
Firstly, curl in Win isn’t a tool, it’s an alias for Invoke-WebRequest tool. You can look here Keep windows users engaged :)
But I can’t recommend this way because all Course labs are optimized for Linux/Mac developers. On Win “mess up” will expect you on every corner:) My advice - use wsl2 with a fully functioned Ubuntu (not Docker) image.
Secondly, I couldn’t run minikube on VirtualBox runtime with the same vt-x error and gave up to do that. I switched to docker runtime and had other issues with network connectivity Ungraded Lab: Intro to Kubernetes - needs tunneling?

In result, if you are ready to fight through labs against your environment - windows is your choice. Or follow an easy way on wsl2 and focus on labs content and code.

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