C4W2-Practice Kubernetes with tensorflow serving deployment failure

Hi i am going through the ungraded lab C4_W2_Lab_2_Intro_to_Kubernetes

I am using Docker as the VM driver for minikube on my Macbook Air M1 Chip. My Minikube start sytax is:

minikube start --mount-string="/var/tmp:/var/tmp" --vm-driver=docker

it starts successful and configmap object is created successfully but when I create the deployment object and use kubectl get deploy to check the deployment, it has 0 ready deployment.

Anyone can help? Thank you!

BTW, when i start the minikube on Docker, it has this error message:

Will this affect?

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Iā€™m having the same issue when deploying (docker + Windows). Did you find a solution?

mount the drives again using minikube
minikube mount C:\tmp\:/var/tmp