C4W3 Assignment Implementing Canary Releases failed to create cluster

Failed to create cluster, attached is the screenshot of the output.

Were you successful in solving this lab? I am facing a similar issue now. The lab says it should take a few minutes before the deployment is ready. But in my case, it is almost 30 minutes and still waiting

I am currently facing this same issue.
What did you guys resolve to?

hi i’m also facing the same issue

kubectl get deployments

the image-classifier-resnet50 always 0/1 (not ready)

I’m having the same issue here and after waiting for more than 30 minutes the ready status haven’t changed.
However, one can continue with the tasks and complete the assignment but the results may not be tested, and all the curl requests result in a no healthy upstream response.

Iam facung the same issue! please provide the solution if anyone have already solved the issue