C4W3_Assignment week 3

Note that “use a personal DM” means:

  • Click on the mentor’s name. A pop-up will appear.
  • Click on the Message button. This opens a message form.
  • Upload your notebook ipynb file in your reply.

Actually my course will end on 28 April so I have to complete it before.
This is the error I am facing while update the note and get the latest version.

Hello @m_hassan

the reason for your error is because your codes are incorrect.

to tokenize the question use the tokenizer (function): The SentencePiece tokenizer and no other code line need to be added.

As you have used the correct recall function to the code line tokenized_question but the incorrect input as the argument already has a defined question and you do need to use code you wrote
tokenizer is your function and you will use “tokenize” to tokenize the question.
inputs_str = tokenizer.tokenize(s) remember here the s is the str

Don’t worry about the deadline.


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Thank you, I will do that. If there is any issue I will post and DM, thank you so much for your help.