C4W3 Lab1: Kubeflow deployment always pending

Status is pending even a couple of hours after execution of following commands :

kubectl apply -k “github.com/kubeflow/pipelines/manifests/kustomize/cluster-scoped-resources?ref=$PIPELINE_VERSION
kubectl wait --for condition=established --timeout=60s crd/applications.app.k8s.io
kubectl apply -k “github.com/kubeflow/pipelines/manifests/kustomize/env/platform-agnostic-pns?ref=$PIPELINE_VERSION

can someone please help ?


Same here … I have the same issue

I believe this is related to this: Kubeflow pipeline in C4_W3_Lab_1_Kubeflow_Pipelines does not support Kubernetes 1.22 and above

I checked my kubernetes version using kubectl version.

Hi! As Brian mentioned, this might be a version issue. The notebook is updated with remarks about the supported versions and we’ll update it again soon to use the more recent versions. We’ll have to test it first. For now, the quickest workaround is to roll back kind or to set the image flag when creating the cluster. Thank you!