C4W3_quiz_Model Management and Deployment Infrastructure

The quiz called Model Management and Deployment Infrastructure has a couple of problems I think.

Question 1 has a typo: When does the minor version number increase in the MAJOR.MINOR.PIPELINE approach of model versioning?

It should be PATCH not PIPELINE, no ?

Question 2 seems not to be covered by the lectures or reading materials. Managing Model Versions video is the only place “pipeline execution versioning” is mentioned and only to say the following: “Other versioning styles include arbitrary grouping, black-box functional models, and pipeline execution versioning, but will not discuss them here”.
So, what exactly is it?

If pipeline execution versioning really is absent from Google Cloud AI Prediction and Microsoft Azure AI, do these two not have anything equivalent, albeit by a different name ?

major.minor.patch format is the industry standard in versioning software. major.minor.pipeline is the proposed versioning scheme for ML models. There is no standard format for versioning ML models. A couple of other versioning schemes in wide use are highlighted in the lecture.