C4W4 Assignment: Cannot achieve MSE below 6, MAE below 2

Hi Marshall, I’m really glad the assignment worked out for you. Congrats on all the hard work, it must feel great to be done.

Sorry for the late response, other responsibilities hit me like a truck since September and I unfortunately don’t have much time for Coursera anymore.

To answer your q: like you, myself, and probably 95% of the others that finished this cert, intuition did not seem to be the focal point of the instructor’s teachings. I’m guessing if they tried to implement too much of that into the course, it could easily become an 8 or 12 month certification. I think they just wanted to give us the basics of implementation and leave it up to us to learn as far as we are willing to go. I don’t know much more than you. Blind trial and error has been the way for most of these assignments. It’ll take a lot more experience for developing that intuition I feel.

Hope this helps. Chris

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Hi, Christian,

Thanks so much for your reply. It really has taken me an awful lot of trial and error in all the courses I’ve taken (DL/NLP/TF1) that underscores how much an art using deep learning with neural networks is.
I wish I could see others’ solutions to see what patterns might emerge that would add some science to the art of working with these systems in order to gain the experience to develop more intuition about what works and why.
Again, I appreciate your view.


Hi Marshall, please send me your email and I can show you how I tackled it.

Hi, Christian,

My email is marty.mayberry@gmail.com. I appreciate your sharing your code with me.


Hi, Christian,

If you send me your email address, I’ll pass my solution along to you.


P.S. I’ve been invited to be a mentor today; the onboarding begins at 7:30 am
(i.e., in 7 minutes).
I’d appreciate if you would give me your impressions of the whole program,
students, code, and mentors.

can you guide on the kernel size and input shape. i m facing the problem on these parameter

Thanks for your suggestion. I also have been spent days in C4W4 assignment and tried tune hypeparamters hundred times. In the end, I refreshed the the lab file and find my problem was with optimizer.

So happy to have finished with this tensor flow certificate!

This Post has helped me to solve the assignment in C4W4. Thank you guys!

Hey I am also facing the same problem could you help me in find the soln
My model performing worse with the more complex model that’s you could you share the ipynb to me?

This change worked well for me. Thanks again!

I tried changing, almost all the parameters but my mae is not getting below 3, someone please help me kasanagottucharanstudy@gmail.com

That’s true ; it requires a lot of experimentation; but still there are compatibility issues between the various layers to abide to.