C4W4-Data loss prevention API Assignment

I get following error when I try to execute the second request with option content:deidentify.

“error”: {
“code”: 400,
“message”: "deidentify_config must be set.",

Instructions does not tell how to create this object and the content in it. Seems like this online exercise is missing this instruction.

The deidentify instructions are incorrect.
The example in this link doesn’t work either: Transformation reference  |  Data Loss Prevention Documentation  |  Google Cloud

I get the same error.
Is there a solution?

Hi Pat,

Please make sure you are using the right deidentifyConfig object.

If after double check you are still facing issue, please provide more details about your issue.


Hi, are there any updates on this? It still seems to be an issue per @balaji.ambresh 's original comments. Thanks, Matt.

@Matthew_Record: I just tried the DLP lab and it works.

Please provide logs / screenshots or in this case, the output file content if you have a problem.

Thanks for the quick response @balaji.ambresh . I’m getting the exact same output as Kalra. I spent a bunch of time searching the forums plus also Google and YouTube searches, but I have no idea how to proceed from here. I get the same message output when trying the Google-provided examples as well.

Please click my name and message all the content you type on the cloud shell.

Please contact qwiklabs help

I figured it out. I was using the wrong file name: new-inspect-request.json instead of new-inspect-file.json. My mind just auto-completed the file name since new was at the front.