C5 W1 A3: Getting wrong tensor shape

I am working on Improvise a Jazz Solo with an LSTM Network, exercise UNQ_C1

when i follow the example in the instructions on how to get x:

var1 = array1[:,1,:]

I try : x = X[:,t,:] and get a shape of (None, 90)

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Why do you feel this is wrong? Do you get some asserts?

Do you really believe that to be wrong?
How so?
I’m doubtful about that one.
That could actually be right?
It sounds right, to me.
When strong textI… feel.strong textThe emphasized textvibrations lemphasized textof that… equation? :thinking:

Correct me, if I’m wrong.
But to me, that one, feels… quite, good. Nice. :alien:
Just… hold. At the end. Deeper. Hold. And! Release. Gone?

Does that make any sense, to anyone? Hm. :dotted_line_face: I like it. :spider: :footprints: yes. I do like that one. :polar_bear: tensor shape. Yes. Just hold it. For a bit longer. :+1:t2: