C5 W1 Assignment 2 Sampling Erroneous Wax Value?

In the sampling method I have faced some difficulties, put simply, the shapes of the parameters are kind of weird so I have to go through the gymnastics of reshaping them in order to make the calculations work.

It would just so appear that if the Wax parameter was shaped (100, 27), ALL MY PROBLEMS would be solved. But because it isn’t, I have to do the arithmetic of equating the shapes somehow. Well I was successful and got a nice (27, 1), now it says that the values are wrong.

I can send a code snippet on request.

It is quite atrocious and sad, is my assignment faulty in giving me a (100,) Wax? I have no idea and honestly just want to get this done since I spent my entire day on it being unable to pass the first week.

Aye, I guess I accidentally deleted that specific part on the test block, updated the lab files and all is dandy now. Just gotta work through the rest of the problem.

When you get error messages, please post then as screen captures.