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Here’s my code, I am getting the answer correct, but I am getting this error
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How do I solve this error pls help? I am trying to solve it for the past 3 days !!!

Regards Utkarsh,
Thank You…

Hard-coding the size to 50 is not a good idea.

Instead of a hard-coded value, the instrutions tell you to use the shape of the word vectors.
You can get that using .shape on any word from the word_to_vec_map dictionary.

The notebook provides you with an “any_word” variable for this purpose.


Thank You sir , though I am still facing some issues. I have send my code personally to you.
Please see to it…

Regards Utkarsh,
Thank You.

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I am facing the same issue, and it is throwing an error

Please do not post your code on the Forums. That isn’t allowed by the course Honor Code.

When you get the word ‘w’, you don’t need to check if it is in “words” - you already know that.
You should check if the word is in the dictionary.

Thank u sooo much!!!