C5 W3 A2 Ex1 Trigger word detection assertion error


my code is
"__ <= __ and __ >= __:
Overlap = “True”

For some reason it gives me assertion error even though when I try all values myself in the next cell they appear to be correct (equal to assertion examples). I tried restarting but that didn’t had positive effect.
Can you help me with my problem?

Hi @Snapikk ,

The assertion tests are for testing various aspect of your code. As you have not included the assertion error here, so it is difficult to see exactly what your problem is.
Assuming your code is correct, just to be sure your code is executing in a clean environment:

  1. refresh the kernel and clear all output
  2. rerun your code from start

assertion error is raised on every test case. Even though when I try it in a different cell it shows proper output.

I tried rerunning and restarting still didn’t work.

Hi @Snapikk

overlap is either False or True, a Boolean value, not a string.

I’m so sorry and thank you! such a minuscule mistake.