C5W1A1: Grade 50% with all tests passed?

Hello Sirs,

I did all required items 1 and 2 (3 is optional, right?) with “All tests passed” on every step. But it is grading me with 50%.

Why is this happening?


Please give some description of your numbered items. I am confused.

The backpropagation part of the notebook is not graded.

What grader message did you get for your 50/100 score?

Good morning!
I completed all items for 1 and 2 (3 = backprop is optional and I did not do it) with “All tests passed” and I got 50%. I tried to rerun the kernel and submit the assignment again with same result.
Can you please check it out?

Would you like me to take screenshots?

Hi TMosh,

Good morning!

This is what I got:

“Code Cell UNQ_C1: Function ‘rnn_cell_forward’ is incorrect. Check implementation.
Code Cell UNQ_C2: Function ‘rnn_forward’ is incorrect. Check implementation.
Code Cell UNQ_C3: Function ‘lstm_cell_forward’ is correct.
Code Cell UNQ_C4: Function ‘lstm_forward’ is correct.
If you see many functions being marked as incorrect, try to trace back your steps & identify if there is an incorrect function that is being used in other steps.
This dependency may be the cause of the errors.”

But all the tests passed:

“a_next[4] =
[ 0.59584544 0.18141802 0.61311866 0.99808218 0.85016201 0.99980978
-0.18887155 0.99815551 0.6531151 0.82872037]
a_next.shape =
(5, 10)
yt_pred[1] =
[0.11805736 0.00150244 0.16286607 0.99959053 0.4818786 0.00199492
0.00664413 0.95503173 0.04582838 0.99990195]
yt_pred.shape =
(2, 10)
All tests passed”


“a[4][1] =
[-0.99999375 0.77911235 -0.99861469 -0.99833267]
a.shape =
(5, 10, 4)
y_pred[1][3] =
[0.79560373 0.86224861 0.11118257 0.96251083]
y_pred.shape =
(2, 10, 4)
caches[1][1][3] =
[-1.1425182 -0.34934272 -0.20889423 0.58662319]
len(caches) =
All tests passed”

Can you please check this out? I can’t move on due to this problem.


Hello All,

Can someone help me please?


Hi Carlos,

The public tests do not capture all potential issues. Could you send me your code with a private message so I can have a look?

Hi Reinoud,

Thanks! I will send you the code in unicast.

But if we all the tests pass, how can we know what the problem is? This is bad…