C5W1A2 optimize function - Parameters are not uptaded


In this week assignments I 'm struggling more than ever, I don’t know why, but I am having serious problems to complete the assignments.

In this case in the third exercise, the optimize function, I have computed the loss and cache using rnn_forward, gradients and ‘a’ using rnn_backward, i have clipped the gradient but I’m unable to update the parameters dictionary.

I have used list comprehension to loop over the key and values of the parameters dict to update its values, with something similar to:
dict = {key: (value - alpha*derivate[f'd{key}]) for (key, value) in dict.items()}

I have the following assertion error

I recommend you use the “update_parameters()” function.

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I knew that It had to be something like that, something that I was taking for granted. Thank you a lot.

I do not know why but this Assignment has been a challenge for my reading skills in English