C5w4 problem with grading

I am sure that my code is right but due to the randomness in TensorFlow, the np.allclose() in auto-grader does not approve it. can you help?
my lab Id: sctpvpzo
problem in exercise 3

If the grader says your code doesn’t work, then your code doesn’t work when the grader checks it.
It doesn’t matter how sure you are that your code is right. It probably isn’t.

no it does not say it does not work. it says your answer is not close enough. I explained it here

this exercise is identical to Tensorflow’s tutorial on transformers which I saw it before(and checked my answer to it before commenting). how can I be wrong?

I do not deny the probability of me being wrong. but I did everything that I can before commenting and did not just leave a comment as soon as I encounter the problem. I think you saying that I am wrong without even checking my code is not being responsible. because before this problem I also found other problems in other assignments and I was right(check my history).

That’s never a good way to begin a request for help.

TensorFlow’s tutorial on transformers does not really apply to this assignment.

I can’t see your code, as the mentors do not have access to your notebook or your grader attempts.

Perhaps you could post the feedback you’re getting from the grader (any assert messages, which parts of the assignment didn’t pass, etc.)