C5W4 Quiz Compute the context not by selecting the highest?

I’m wondering why this option is not correct. I think Andrew mentions almost the same example in the lecture. eg. when ‘visite’ gives the highest value while pairing with ‘l’Afrique’, we pick the action verb ‘visite’.

The correct answer centers on whether you understand the computation. It gives four options - only one is correct:

  • select the highest word values
  • compute the average word values
  • select the lowest word values
  • sum all of the word values

Nothing in the lectures says that anything is selected based on its value.

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

I understand this and my question is why the answer is not " * select the highest word values", because that’s what Andrew teaches in the lecture.

Please provide the video title and a time mark where he says that. I would like to review it.

C5W4 - Self-Attention 7:44

He’s highlighted one specific word (with the highest value), but he doesn’t actually do anything with it.

The lecture continues, at at 8:10 he’s computing the sum of all of the products.

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