Can I see what are the test running in theassignment?

I would like to see what tests are made over the functions of the assignments. The reason for this is that sometimes I get an error in the test but I can’t see what is about exactly. I think there should be a way to check that somewhere. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.

You can see the tests that are run by the notebook, but you can’t see the tests that the grader uses. To find the local tests, first have a look at the “import” cell which should be early in the notebook. You’ll find a statement that looks like:

from public_tests import *

What that means is that there is a file called in the same directory as the notebook that you are running. At least that’s the way they do it in DLS. I have not taken MLS, so the file name may be different there. You can examine that file by clicking “File → Open” and that gives you a “File Navigation” view of all the files used by the assignment. But be warned that the test code uses some fairly sophisticated python techniques, e.g. passing references to functions as arguments to other functions. So you may also learn some new python in addition to seeing what the tests are actually doing. :nerd_face: