Can logistic regression be replaced with ordinary linear regression


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Regarding the statement:

the simple (non-logistic) linear regression will have advantage over logistic regression in the case of non-binary classification (for instance, when we have to classify onto three categories)

I think in general this statement is not true. As a counter example, let’s assume you want to build an early warning system to determine whether an information is correct or not [you could also think of an anomaly detection].

You could go for logistic regression, use the probability p for a false information and defined thresholds to derive a multi classification (similarily what you would do with a linear model as far as I understood), e.g. with the following logic:

  • p < 0.2 —> OK: seems to be fine
  • 0.2 \leq p < 0.7 —> suspection: some action is recommended like getting an expert review
  • p \geq 0.7 —> NOT OK: information seems to be wrong.

This approach might not necessarily perform worse than a linear regression model which you also would use for threshold based conclusions, right?

I would say the model suitability really depends on the business problem and how well a certain model fits a data set and can generalise on it.

Here some threads that you might find useful to check out:

As @rmwkwok pointed out, I would also underline:

it is not common to model a binary classification problem with a linear regression

Same applies also for a multi class problem:

Suggestion: In this case feel free to check out multi class algorithms. E.g. here you can find several really powerful models for that purpose.

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