Cannot Complete the Graded Assignment

I Did everything as the notebook asked and even getting all the results as the expected outputs but when i submit I receive 0/100 with each function saying 1 single issue

“There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: name ‘split_time’ is not defined”

Can anybody help as to what I’m doing wrong?

P.S. All of my outputs are exactly the same as they are in the cells of expected output

Are you defining a variable split_time somewhere? What is that supposed to do?

There is a global variable with the name SPLIT_TIME (Uppercased) that I have been using where a time split is required. It is defined here :

But I don’t understand why the grader is asking me about split_function ( lowercased). I have not created or used any variable of such sorts and neither has it asked anywhere.

Is this variable named split_time lowercase in all the notebook and you have defined it with upper cases?

Which lab or assignment is that?

This is the C4W1_Assignment From Tensorflow Developer Professional certificate

In the original Notebook it was defined as Uppercased itself, so i have been using that itself.

Addendum: I even tried to change the variable and all it’s instances to the lowercased values but then i get this error:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: name ‘SPLIT_TIME’ is not defined


I am having difficulty finding the assignment where split_time is uppercase, I have done this course though some time ago.

Since you doing this in coursera environment can you have a look at the additional files (File->Open) and see those files that perform tests, is split_time in upper or lower case , if there are any such files.

In any case I would make all those split_time variables lower case everywhere so they are consistent.

Solved the issue using a simple fix.
Just added lowercases split_time variable just below the SPLIT_TIME =1100 line

Don’t know why this was needed bit it got the job done.

Thank you so much for your support!

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