Cannot Re-Do Assignment 2 Week 1

Actually here’s another method: it turns out to be a lucky thing that all 3 of the assignments in Week 1 of Course 2 are in the same Docker image. So you can rename the Regularization notebook from one of other assignments in Week 1. E.g. open the Initialization assignment again. Then click “File → Open” to get to the file navigation view. Then go up to the folder one level higher and click down into the W1A2 subfolder. That’s the folder for the Regularization assignment. Now use “File → Rename” to rename the main ipynb file there.

Now go back to the Regularization assignment and click “Work in Browser” again. You’ll get a 404 error, because the notebook is no longer there. But you can still do “Help → Lab Help → Get Latest Version” and that will get you a clean copy. There’s a more detailed explanation of that procedure linked from the FAQ Thread.