Cannot see submit button


After reading about the posts on this issue here, I tried the fixes suggested such as restarting the kernel and clearing the output. However, that hasn’t enabled me to submit the assignment. I would want to know if there is any final fix that can help me submit this assignment or else I would miss the deadline. Thanks in advance!

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Yes, sorry, a lot of students are having this problem now. The Course Staff is working on this, but don’t yet have a solution (at least not that I’ve seen yet). That’s the bad news. The good news is that the deadlines here are all fake: there is no penalty for missing them. So don’t sweat that: they just reset automatically if you miss them. This is documented under Course Info on the left menu.

Hi @paulinpaloalto

Alright I understand. I just hope that it gets fixed quickly so that I can move ahead with the course. Thank you

Sorry, I should also say that you can help with the research on this problem by giving us some data about your situation. What browser and platform are you using? Have you tried multiple browsers? Do you see the exact same behavior with all of them? We don’t yet know if this issue is browser specific or not. Thanks!

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Ooops, sorry again: I see you already provided that information in your other conversation with @Mubsi. It is Windows 10 with Chrome.

Hey @paulinpaloalto

I am still not able to submit my assignments. I’ve also lost all my progress on past quizzes and assignments :frowning: Need some help regarding this. Thanks

Sorry, but apparently they still haven’t solved it. The latest status is on the other thread from @Mubsi. He’s the one driving the research on this from the side. Last I heard they thought the problem was with Coursera, but did not have an answer. I wish I had better news …

This one month now. I am getting the same problem.

Did you read the thread that I linked earlier? There is a known solution now.

The issue is resolved, thanks for the quick response.

@paulinpaloalto i got same problem, i tried both Chrome & Firefox browser, there is no any Submit button and also can,t see any output when i run cells, no output at all
even not any error
what i have to do?
i have not much time and deadline upcoming soon

Hi, Hamid. Sorry for the issues. Have you been through the suggestions on the relevant topic in the FAQ Thread? If so, then my best guess is that you have some kind of IT problem on your end. E.g. an Ad Blocker, popup blocker, AV software or a firewall that is blocking access to the some parts of the notebooks. You could try connecting to the website from a public WiFi network and see if that helps. Or use a different computer altogether (e.g. a tablet if you’ve been using a computer or vice versa).