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Thanks, @nramon! Yes, for some reason the Help Center seems to have made it harder to find the “Contact Us” or “Live Chat” links. It used to be that you could just “drill down” on any topic area until you got to the “leaf” level of their Q & A tree and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and the links would be there. But that method doesn’t seem to work anymore. We’ll have to use your link as the way going forward! Just as an experiment, I tried entering “contact” or “chat” in the search function on the Help Center and that also finds the same link you shared. That’s probably the easier thing to recommend to people, although I did also “bookmark” your post. Another groovy feature of Discourse that I’m just learning how to use :nerd_face:!

Also as @Mubsi suggested, I just added the link to the FAQ Thread! So we should be covered. :smile: