Cant find the submit option

for the 1st assignment in week2,i cant find the submit assignment able to see for other assignments. even though its optional its asking me to

{{ “You have not submitted. You must earn 70/100 points to pass.”}}.please help me

Hello @karra1729 . Try to refresh your coursera tab. Or try to re-open the assignment through Coursera. Sometimes you actually have to re-open the assignment multiple times. Let me know if this helps!

Thank you @CourseraFan, for your suggestion, that’s usually how it works.

@karra1729, as you mentioned, the assignment is indeed optional, and you can still get the certificate without actually completing or submitting the assignment.

The message you see, “You have not submitted. You must earn 70/100 points to pass.”, is for in case you feel like submitting the assignment, you’d need 70/100 to pass it.

As mentioned above, save your work, and open the assignment again, and you should be able to see the submit button. Let me know if it still doesn’t appear.