Can't finish my course - AutoGrader problem 50/100 passed

F​or the next assignment of this week you might come across an error-like output from the AutoGrader (the software that grades your assignment), but also pass your assignment. In that particular scenerio, you can ignore the output, pat yourself on the back and move on to Course 2!

Could someone help how to solve this? I have problem with AutoGrader in the last assignment.
Thank in advance!

What is the “grader feedback” that you see? Does it give any indication of which segment is wrong?

There are a couple of common problems to check:

  1. Are you sure you called the 2 layer init routine in the 2 layer case? Calling the “deep” init routine in the 2 layer case will fail the grader.

  2. Importing any of your own implementions of the functions from the “Step by Step” exercise will also cause the grader to fail. You don’t need to do that: they provide an “import” file that has what is needed.