Cant get my assignment marks

I customize the code in the jupyter note that was already given and then i submit my assignment. But all the time it is showing 0 grade. Is there is any other way to submit the code? Or customize the given code in jupyter note book.

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Please make sure that you had been passed all the test cases before submission, also you didn’t change the cells that hadn’t have any code you want to compelte(“START CODE HERE”)
You can doing these steps which will give you a new fresh assignment and reimplement the code, please doing these steps file → open → select running assignment and doing shutdown and select all file and delete it → after that select help

like this image and choose →

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Most likely, this means your code doesn’t work correctly.

Can you tell me where i should do the code?

Okay. Then what should i do in next step?

@Tasfia_Disha you want to open the assignment form the file → open → select assignment and double click to it and reimplement the assignment again

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The places that you add your code are marked by “### START CODE HERE ###”.

You add the code that implements the equations that are given in the instructions in the notebook.