Can't reach the 0.7 threshold

Hello everybody.
I’ve tried like 10 times to tweak my model. And each time my model gives me 0.45 score. After 10th time I started questioning my sanity: I tried tweaking the index of the Conv2D layer, checked my code with the ungraded lab of this week so that they would match. I even tried changing the amount of training epochs which I don’t think I’m supposed to be doing lol. But still, it won’t change the 0.45 score.

I’m really confused. Feels like I ran out of things I could tweak in this lab.
Am I doing something wrong? If no, how did you guys manage to get >0.7 score?

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I’ve have a similar problem. In my case I’ve solved it by checking the order in the line:

#combine the content and style layers into one list
… First: style layers. Second : content layers…

Hope this helps


Thank you, and that solved my problem as well.

That saved me. Thank you.