Can't solve one question

i can’t solve one question of quiz of linear regression can someone help me?

me to i need help about linear regression can someone help me pls tnx u

Hi @melanie_dedoroy @Youssef_Sameh

you can create a post about the questions the you are confused …so all mentors will help you in the topics of questions


But how I need to learn all

That is what the lectures are for. If you have a specific question, please post it here.

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It’s difficult to answer question because.iqm not an IT

but i want to learn this

What does “iqm not an IT” mean?

Hello @melanie_dedoroy,

Did you mean “I am not an IT” or did you mean you don’t have a background in IT?

If you don’t have a background in Python programming, then the assignments and labs can be challenging to you. However, this course isn’t about teaching Python, so you really need to spend some time on looking for your right course in Python.

Here’re my suggestions if you don’t know Python and you want to learn Python first:

  1. If your subscription isn’t on financial aid, unsubscribe MLS so you won’t need to pay for the subscription fee while you are focusing on Python

  2. Find a Python course. Find the right one. I would suggest you to find an elementary level course in your preferred language

  3. If you have extra time, you may audit MLS to just watch the videos (audit mode won’t give you access to labs, assignments or quizzes)

  4. After you are more confident in Python, and if you want to complete the assignments and quizzes to earn the MLS certificate, consider to subscribe to MLS again.

@melanie_dedoroy, please note that this community is a place for when you have a specific question in mind, such as a ML concept that you find unclear, an error that you encounter in assignment, an ML concept that you find it difficult to translate into working codes. We rely on you to tell us what your specific question is, and then we can suggest what you may do next to get closer to your goal.

Please consider my above 4 suggestions if you want to learn Python first :wink:


I just choose nto in enroll this not for me this course not for me

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this is the question ,can help me?

The subscript is the feature number. These are in the columns.
The superscript is the training example. These are in the rows.

The question asks you for the number that is at the intersection of a specific row and column.

ok, i got it thanks.
i have one more problem, how to solve final quiz of week two?
" Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression"

Please ask a specific question, but do not post materials from any of the graded quizzes.

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i can’t understand what required in “Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression” ? what should i do before open practice lab?

Hello @Youssef_Sameh,

That seems to be your first lab in the MLS! You may just open it! There is no timer, so you can take as much time as you need, and you can also make as many number of submissions as you like to. Your grade depends only on whether your work is correct or not.

Perhaps my last suggestion is to read carefully the instructions, and make the most of the lecture videos by referring back if needed. Good luck!