Career transition from Criminal Justice

I’ve been in Criminal Justice for 15 years with an undergrad in CJ as well. Currently in an MBA program and completed a Management Information Systems class that introduced me to MIS, AI, BI, analytics, etc.
I’ve been wanting a career change and I’m really interesting in this topic. Where would be a good place to start for certifications more specific to this topic versus spending a ton of money on tuition.

Thank you!

Hi, @LearningNewThings!

I think DeepLearning.AI platform is one of the best. I’ve completed some of them and I’m very happy with the way the content was taught. There are plenty of different courses for all levels (introductory, intermediate, advanced) so I highly recommend you to give it a try!


Pytorch React Native Machine Learning Answering Question Example

Pytorch React Native Machine Learning (Transformer) Answering Law Question Example

You can see I picked your question for the machine learning model to read and answer.
I also picked a California Rental Law as an example for reading and answering by the AI model.

I believe you can do it. Maybe you shouldn’t follow my example but come up with your idea on what the AI model should become.
Please free feel to give an idea. Maybe we should just build a project from it and deploying it in the website, such as, or in mobile phone, such as Android and IOS, in this case to see it is good or not.