Chatgpt can't translate African languages

I have noticed that large language models can’t translate african languages well. Is it because there isn’t enough training data from these languages?

Hi Shamiso,
ChatGPT’s ability to translate any particular language certainly depends on the availability and quality of the training data trained on. I also noticed its limited ability in Denish. It should translate many popular African languages. Which specific language you have tried?

Hello Qiang_Gao,

Thank you for responding to my post. I tried shona, zulu and tswana which are some of the languages in southern region of africa. The responses were not accurate and it could not understand the context, if I could rate the translation I would say it was 35% accurate. I guess we can’t wait on one company to work with most of the languages in the world. You have mentioned its’ limited ability in denish as well, which means it is not only african languages but others that it might not be translating well.