ChatGPT subscription needed?

Do I need a plus ChatGPT subscription to submit prompts via python? I copied the code into Google Colab and get the following error:

RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

Hi @bieberb1 ,
As the course videos explained, you need the access key enabled. In your case, it is enabled and the monthly quota has already been reached or the system is complaining because you don’t have any key enabled.
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So I do not need a plus chatGPT subscription? Is there a way to determine which scenario is true (key isn’t enabled or monthly quota has been reached)? I would be very surprised if I have passed a quota unless it is very small.

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Based on the documentation, we must have the API key to provide authorization to access the user info and reject calls that are not authorized to access it. So, if plus or not plus version, when using the API, we ever need to set the access key to enabled.

I have an API key and have set it in my code. Also note that this is the first API request I have ever made.

I did take a look at my usage. I had an $18 credit for a free account, but this seems to have expired on May 1.

I have successfully run all the course exercises in my local environment after downloading the notebooks and obtaining a key using the free model. There is a 3 month or $5 limit, which ever comes first, after which I will need a paid subscription. If you search these forums (highly recommended before creating duplicate threads) you might find that people running locally using their own python env and Jupyter seem to be ok, but people running in Google Colab have reported this problem of quota exceeded many times here.