Chroma.from_documents returns RateLimit error on my project

Thank you for this course. I usually take your courses and apply your examples to my own data and use cases. Currently, I have a non-paid OpenAPI account with 5 USD credits remaining. In the vector-stores and embedding chapter, when running the command ‘Chroma.from_documents,’ I encounter a RateLimit error.

vectordb = Chroma.from_documents(

0/2 [00:00<?, ?it/s]Retrying langchain.embeddings.openai.embed_with_retry.._embed_with_retry in 4.0 seconds as it raised RateLimitError: Rate limit reached for default-text-embedding-ada-002 in organization org-*************** on tokens per min. Limit: 150000 / min. Current: 0 / min. Contact us through our help center at if you continue to have issues. Please add a payment method to your account to increase your rate limit. Visit OpenAI Platform to add a payment method…

My source code is identical to the one in the course, except for the reference to the PDF files. I am using four documents, which add up to approximately 300 pages.

Thanks for your support.

Isnt this because you limit has been reachead. It says add credits to your account, or maybe if you have some credits left, you can decrease the text size i.e. number of documents or shorten the documents.