Classify Images of Clouds in the Cloud with AutoML Images

Hello ,
Just to bring to your attention…
I think before creating the storage bucket for the AutoML exercise we need to get permissions otherwise it is asking to enter our billing information…
It is not included in the Set up AutoML
Can you please check that out @Isaak_Kamau sir

Hello @Rachel_Nallathamby
What permissions? Qwiklabs already provides pre-configured lab environments with temporary access to Google Cloud resources. You don’t need to provide your own billing information or set up a separate billing account.

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As @Isaak_Kamau says, you need no permissions there but sometimes because you are logged with your own google account it asks for that and the solution is to open the lab in google cloud in incognito page.


Hi @gent.spah sir and @issak_kamau sir … The problem was I was logging in to the coursera through my google sign in. So even after I opened a incognito window., whenever i opened a new tab it was reverting to my google sign in. Thanks for pointing that out. Once i checked i was able to finish the lab

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