CNN- Week 2 Assignment 1

Hi @sy_y,

Some changes have been made in the assignment recently, one of the major change being that the “training” parameter has been removed from Ex 1 and Ex 2

The code you shared above, the “training” parameter was left by mistake in the doc string of Ex 2. I apologise for the confusion it must have caused.

Also, ignore the screenshot @Deepti_Prasad shared above, as it is taken from the old version of the assignment.

I have just pushed a new update to this assignment (removing the “training” left in the doc string), this should provide you with the latest assignment version. Please work on that. Your previous solutions will still be valid as long as they don’t include the training parameter.

Even after this update, if find you still have the assignment version with training in the parameters for Ex 1 and Ex 2, please follow the instructions provided in order to get the latest assignment version.

Please let me know if you’d need any help,

@Deepti_Prasad, please take note of the changes that have been made.