Code Application

Please, I would like to see the application for Course 1, week 2.
So far, I have only understood what each code does.
I want to see how gradient descent and feature scaling is done on a project, with the learning rate altered.

Hi, Tega.

Welcome to the community! It would be helpful to know which Specialization you are referring to in your question. If you mean DLS Course1 Week 2, then we are very early in the learning process at that point. The best idea is to continue on through DLS C1, C2 and C3 and you will learn much more about the different types of models you can create and how to apply them to problems and what to do when your first try doesn’t give you the results you were hoping for.

Prof Ng has lots more to teach than can be conveyed in just the first course and he has planned out the “roadmap” for the order in which to present things. Keep your curiosity strong and enjoy the learning!


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Hello Paul,
Thank you very much.
I will keep my curiosity strong.