Code example error

I ran the code example from the course notes of week3, but got error, please help

@FViloria, I’m not sure where the example in the notes came from (maybe a previous version of this lecture?). But it appears to be entirely wrong.

If you want to work an example, I recommend you use the one Andrew walks through in the video lecture.

Note that it isn’t a very useful example, because it hard-codes some imaginary cost function, and includes no data labels ‘y’. So you can’t apply the example in the lecture to any real situations.

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Hi @FViloria

Are running the code on your own environment or in the course platform?

If you trying to run locally, you have to install all the packages required by yourself.

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C2_W3 32.pdf (56.4 KB)
you are correct it looks like an old note, i implemented the code from the video and works fine


Generally they don’t try to maintain the lecture notes, but I’ll submit a ticket to have that slide removed.

thank you

you might be right in the lab environment the placeholder may be recognized, I’m using my own, so i can play freely

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tf.placeholder() is a reminder that the writer of the notes left for themselves, to go back and figure what real line of code to use there.