Coding assignments on iPad

W​hen I try to do the coding/programming assignments on safari while on an iPad, it automatically redirects to opening the coursera app rather a new tab within Safari. The coding assignment cannot be done on the app, which results in me having to open the coursera site on a laptop and then click link to open new tab.

C​an anyone advice how I can find a work around so that I can do any assignments on safari but from an iPad.

T​hanks for reading.

FWIW I tried doing this on my iPad Air 2 (a few years old!) running iOS 15.3.1 and it worked fine for me. I don’t have a separate keyboard for my iPad, which I think you’d really need for this to be practical, but I was able to run the notebook, modify it and submit it to the grader with no issues. Maybe the difference in my case is that I do not have the Coursera App installed on my iPad and just used Safari for everything (both the lectures and the assignments).

Thanks @paulinpaloalto, will uninstall Coursera app and give it a try. Keep you posted.

For week 3, it worked. Opened another safari tab rather than the coursera app.

That’s good to hear. Thank you for confirming, which is good information for other people who find this thread later!