Completed programming assignment but no grade

Hi DeepLearning team,

I submitted my 3rd programming assignment for week 1 of class 5 over 1/2 an hour ago, and still waiting on a grade, so I can move on. When I check it just says “Your graded submissions will appear here.”
What is a reasonable amount of time to have to wait?
And should I resubmit my assignment?

Thanks, David

Usually it only takes a few minutes for grading.

But Coursera has been having some site technology problems today.

Yes, a few minutes is my normal experience.
Thanks for letting me know about the issues today.

You might try submitting again, it wouldn’t cause any harm.

Even if your code has an infinite loop for the tests that the grader uses, it would give a timeout error instead of just hanging.

Resubmitting took care of it.