Confusion kernel setting

The Kernel setting is confusing. My AWS account might have been deactivated because of this!

On the Workbench it says: Python 3 (Data Science 3.0). And it doesn’t say anything about instance type.

On the Notebook it says: Python 3, Data Science, ml.m5.2xlarge.

I started with using Python 3, Data Science 3.0, with the default instance type in the Kernel setup window. Then switched to Python 3, Data Science 3.0, ml.m5.2xlarge. After running a few cells in the notebook as instructed, the kernel is dead and my AWS account is deactivated.

See the FAQ for this course, for help in getting your account fixed.

I have submitted the request per the FAQ guidance. My point it, does it make sense to clarify the kernel set up so the learners won’t get stumped on this anymore?

I’ll contact the course staff about this suggestion.

Thanks much, TMosh!

Hi Sean! Thank you for the suggestion! I informed the team so it can be updated as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot Chris! Can you also reactivate my AWS account so that I can carry on with the lab?

Hi Sean. Unfortunately, I can’t. But I’ll let you know once our engineer has reactivated your account. Hopefully, within the day. Sorry for the inconvenience!